How To Become a ClickFunnels Affiliate The Right Way

I was talking to a friend the other day about affiliate marketing and using ClickFunnels. After about 10 minutes of me showing him how affiliate commissions work he wanted to know how to become a ClickFunnels Affiliate.

If you’re starting your journey into affiliate marketing, you’ve probably come across a few screenshots of people earning commissions for ClickFunnels. Recognize those orange bars anywhere? The ClickFunnels affiliate program can be great for anyone looking to make a recurring income with affiliate sales. It’s a well maintained program that looks after it’s affiliates. We’re a ClickFunnels affiliate and in this blog post we’re going to cover how to become a ClickFunnels Affiliate the right way.

To become a ClickFunnels affiliate you’re going to need to do a few things to get started. 

First you’ll want to make sure and sign up for a ClickFunnels account. There is a free 14-day trial and you will have the ability to promote ClickFunnels as an affiliate through the badge that is placed on any funnels you build. 

If you want to start promoting the software and all of their other products, the second thing you’ll need to do is fill out the affiliate application at their whats my dream car dot com site. 

Finally, once you’ve completed the affiliate application you’ll need to register with Tipalti, their affiliate payment processor, in order to receive any affiliate commissions. 

Let’s take a deeper dive into getting started below.

If you want to get a head start here are the two links you’ll need.

How To Set Up Your ClickFunnels Affiliate Account

One of the great things about ClickFunnels is that when you set up your free trial account you have already set up your ClickFunnels affiliate account. ClickFunnels allows anyone with an account to be an affiliate. You are not required to continue after the trial, however, I do recommend it. It’s difficult to sell something that you don’t use. I’m a ClickFunnels affiliate and I also use the software daily. To me, using the software is what really adds credibility to being an affiliate. It’s what I mean when I say “the right way”.

In order to set up your free trial you’ll want to follow these steps:

  • Go to ClickFunnels Home Page and click the Start Your Free 14 Day Trial Now button
  • Enter your Name, Email Address, and Password and Click Get Started
  • Enter Your Billing Information and Click Start My Free 14 Day Trial Now!

Once you’ve set up your Free 14 Day trial you’ll now want to fill out the affiliate application following these steps:

  • Go to the What’s Your Dream Car site
  • Fill out all of the required information on the application
  • Once you’ve filled out the application click the Submit button

Pretty simple, right? After you’ve filled out the affiliate application you’ll need to wait for the approval email, which may take a few days. When I filled mine out, it took about a day to be approved.

One thing to note here, is the application process is only for those that want to promote ClickFunnels through affiliate marketing. If you don’t want to go through all the trouble of affiliate marketing ClickFunnels still has an option to have a badge on any funnels you build. If someone clicks that badge and starts a ClickFunnels account you will earn a commission.

Once your set up as an affiliate, you’ll be able to access your affiliate area through the menu by clicking on your image(or the placeholder) in the top right and selecting affiliates. From there you’ll want to log into your affiliate dashboard and make sure that you have all of your profile information filled out.

How To Register With Tipalti

Before you start grabbing affiliate links and marketing the program, you’ll need to register with Tipalti. Whenever you get set up as an affiliate you’ll receive an email with a link to login and register with Tipalti. Make sure that you use this link.

If for some reason you don’t receive the link you can email their support team and they’ll get one out to you right away. This was my case, and it took about a day to get the right link.

Once you sign in and register with Tipalti you’ll be able to choose how you would like your commissions to be paid. Here’s a list of options you can choose.

  • Direct Deposit
  • PayPal
  • ACH
  • Check
  • International ACH or e-check
  • Money Wire

Once you’ve completed your registration with Tipalti you’re all set to start promoting ClickFunnels as an affiliate.

How Much Does The ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Pay?

Example of Top ClickFunnels Affiliate Earning Courtesy of Spencer Mecham

Top ClickFunnels Affiliate Spencer Mecham Earnings

The ClickFunnels Affiliate program is one of the most generous affiliate programs out there. There’s an opportunity to make up to 40% recurring commission for as long as the person you refer has an active account. Below is a simple breakdown of the commission levels.

20% Commission

At this level you don’t actually need to go through the process of filling out an application, and there isn’t an opportunity to promote other products. To get paid 20% commission there will be a badge on any of the funnels you build that says “Made with ClickFunnels”. Any time someone clicks on that badge and starts a ClickFunnels account you’ll get 20% commissions for that referral.

How does that break down into real money?

  • $97(Basic Plan) x 20% = $19.40 Monthly Recurring Commission
  • $297(Etison Suite) x 20% = $59.40 Monthly Recurring Commission

30% Commission

If you are serious about promoting ClickFunnels you’ll want to go through the application process. Once you’ve completed the process and have been approved you’ll be able to promote ClickFunnels and their supporting products at 30% commissions. One thing to note here is that there are some products that you’ll receive a flat rate commission. For example, if you promote the One Funnel Away Challenge there is a flat $100 commission. Not too shabby!

How does that break down into real money?

  • $97(Basic Plan) x 30% = $29.10 Monthly Recurring Commission
  • $297(Etison Suite) x 30% = $89.10 Monthly Recurring Commission

40% Commission

Once you’re set up as an affiliate and promoting ClickFunnels you’ll be at the 30% commission rate. In order to get to the 40% commission level you’ll need to have at least 40 ClickFunnels monthly subscribers under you. Once that happens you’ll automatically be switched to the 40% commission structure. Woohoo! Now you’re in the big bucks!

How does that break down into real money?

  • $97(Basic Plan) x 40% = $38.80 Monthly Recurring Commission
  • $297(Etison Suite) x 40% = $118.80 Monthly Recurring Commission

Flat Rate Commissions

If you are an approved affiliate there are some products that you’ll be able to promote and get a flat rate commission. Here’s a quick breakdown of products that will earn a flat rate commission

  • One Funnel Away Challenge – $100
  • Dot Com Secrets – $1
  • Expert Secrets – $1
  • Launch Funnels – $7
  • Network Marketing Secrets – $1

Some of those may seem like small commissions, but ClickFunnels practice what they preach and there are order bumps and one time offers that will increase those commissions as well. For example, the Network Marketing Secrets book has the potential to earn up to $174.60 in commissions depending on which tier you’re in. So, it may seem small, but there’s good potential for higher earnings as well.

The ClickFunnels Dream Car

One of the biggest opportunities with the ClickFunnels affiliate program is to have your Dream Car paid for by ClickFunnels. This is the goal of most affiliates. Let’s be honest here, it’s my goal as well. Once you refer 100 monthly ClickFunnels subscribers you’ll be able to apply for the ClickFunnels Dream Car.

There are 2 tiers to the Dream Car program.

  • 100 Monthly ClickFunnels Subscribers – $500 per month towards your dream car
  • 200 Monthly ClickFunnels Subscribers – $1000 per month towards your dream car

I mean, I could use an extra $1000 towards my dream car.

You’ll need to maintain that subscriber level under you in order to continue to receive the extra dream car payments.

What Products Can You Promote As A ClickFunnels Affiliate?

The ClickFunnels affiliate program has quite a few different products you can promote. I covered some of them above. Here’s a full list of all the front end products that are currently available for ClickFunnels affiliates to promote and a short description of what they are.

Promoting Share Funnels

While there are quite a few products you can promote, one of the most underutilized products to promote ClickFunnels is the Share Funnel feature. Any time you build a funnel in ClickFunnels you have the option to share it with another ClickFunnels user with a Share Funnel link. Your Share Funnel link also contains your ClickFunnel Affiliate link. That means if you decide to share your Share Funnel link with someone that doesn’t have a ClickFunnels account, and they sign up through that link, you will receive a commission. Nice!

As you can see there are plenty of products and opportunities to promote ClickFunnels. Each product has their own pluses and minuses when it comes to affiliate promotion, but ClickFunnels does an excellent job of promoting and selling their own products.

This leads me to one of ClickFunnels biggest advantages. The sticky cookie.

What Is The ClickFunnels Sticky Cookie?

Whenever you refer someone to ClickFunnels through your affiliate link their browser will have a cookie placed in their browser. That cookie is what’s called a sticky cookie and it is tied to your affiliate account as long as they don’t click another affiliates link. This means if someone clicks through your affiliate link to a ClickFunnels page decides to make a purchase it will be tied to your account and you will receive a commission.

What makes the sticky cookie great is that it’s tied to you as long as they don’t click on another affiliates link right before purchasing. This means if anyone clicks through your link and doesn’t purchase right away you’ll still get the commission for the sale as long as you’re the last referring affiliate.

This also means that if ClickFunnels sends out any promotional emails, and they will, and the person you referred makes a purchase, you will receive a commission for that purchase.

And, it doesn’t expire. How cool is that?!

The sticky cookie makes it easier to earn commission with ClickFunnels than almost any other affiliate program.

Hopefully you’re starting to see how you can use the sticky cookie to your advantage by promoting some of their lower barrier to entry products like the Free Plus shipping books. As long as you’re the last referring affiliate you’ll be able to earn commissions on any other products that they decide to purchase. All you need to do is get them into the ClickFunnels ecosystem with your affiliate link.

How Do I Start Promoting ClickFunnels As An Affiliate?

There are a ton of different ways to promote ClickFunnels as an affiliate. There’s so much information about it that can’t be covered in this one blog post. Instead I’ll give you a few ideas here and point you in the direction of the best resources to get you started.

Before you get started promoting you’ll want to understand the rules around promoting ClickFunnels. Here’s a quick guide to promoting ClickFunnels the right way. I highly recommend taking about 3 minutes and reading through it. You’ll get a good understanding of what you can and cannot do as a ClickFunnels Affiliate.

I would also encourage you to take a peek at the ClickFunnels Affiliate agreement as well. You’ll want to make sure that you stay compliant with ClickFunnels or else you risk getting your account banned.

Whenever you promote I encourage you to think outside the box. There are a ton of ways to promote ClickFunnels and their other offers.

  • You could start a blog like this and provide relevant and helpful information to people looking to build sales funnels.
  • You could start a YouTube channel for a specific niche and recommend Clickfunnels to your audience.
  • You could start a podcast around a specific niche and promote ClickFunnels there.
  • You could use the ClickFunnels product to build out Funnels for specific niches and offer them for free to people who sign up for ClickFunnels under you.
  • You could build a bridge page in ClickFunnels and create bonuses for people who sign up for ClickFunnels under you. You can send free traffic to these funnels through YouTube, a blog, or Social Media. You could even send paid traffic if you wanted to.

As long as you work within the affiliate guidelines that ClickFunnels requires there’s no limit to how you can promote the product.

If you’re looking for the top ways to promote ClickFunnels I highly recommend going through the ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp. It’s free, but you may want to grab the One Funnel Away Challenge up sell if you’re just getting started. It will make a big difference in how you use and sell ClickFunnels as an affiliate.


We’ve covered a lot in this post. Now, you should have a solid grasp of how to become a ClickFunnels affiliate, what steps you need to take to get started, and some ideas of how you can promote ClickFunnels and their products.

It can sometimes feel like a challenge to get started. As you can tell there are a lot of product options for you to promote. I recommend you start out picking one or two and getting familiar with those. Once you’ve started earning a little commissions then move on to promoting the other products.

The ClickFunnels affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs out there. It pays well, and they really care about the success of their affiliates.


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