How To Add A Custom Video To ClickFunnels

Are you ready to add your sales video to your ClickFunnels page? In this post I’m going to walk you through adding video to a ClickFunnels page.

How Do You Add A Video To Your ClickFunnels Page?

  • Step 1: Select Edit on the page you would like to add the video
  • Step 2: Click Add New Element(+) below an Existing Element
  • Step 3: Select the Video Element
  • Step 4: Edit the Video Element and add your video URL
  • Step 5: Make any specific setting changes that you prefer and click save

It’s a pretty simple process to add a video to your funnel and adding video to your funnel will increase engagement, trust, and overall conversions. It’s only natural that you should use them in your funnel.

Although the steps seem simple enough above, there are some nuances that you’ll want to be aware of.

How To Add A Video To Your ClickFunnels Page

We’re going to get into the detail here, but before you get started you’re going to need a couple things. First, you’ll need a ClickFunnels Page ready to go. Second, you’ll need a video hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia or another host.

Access your ClickFunnels Account Here.

Step 1: Adding A Video Element To Your Page

  • On your ClickFunnels Page You’ll need to add a video element. To do that you’ll want to click on Add New Element, or the Plus(+) sign below an existing element.
  • When the sidebar menu appears click on Media
  • Select the Video Element – You may need to drag it to the row or column where you would like it to be placed.
  • When the Video Element is where you want it on the page select the gear icon in the tip right corner of the Element to edit the Video Settings.
  • In the Setting Menu select the Video Type (YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, etc.)
  • Once the Video Type is selected enter the URL for your video in the space below

Step 2: Editing Your Settings

There are a variety of ways you can customize how your video is displayed. It’s helpful to play around with these settings to get them exactly how you want them.

  • On your Video Element click on the gear icon to access the settings
  • Change the Settings to suit your specific needs

Settings Definitions

  • Autoplay – Choose to have your video automatically play when someone loads the page. (This feature does not work on mobile)
  • Controls – Choose whether or not to show the YouTube Video Controls
  • Branding – Choose whether or not to show the YouTube Branding
  • Block Pause – Gives you the option to block the ability to pause the video
  • Optional Width – Choose the width for your video
  • Optional Height –  Choose the height for your video

Advanced Style Settings 

  • Width – Choose the Full Width of your video
  • Sticky on Scroll – Choose whether or not the video shows as the user scrolls through the page
  • Padding – Changes the padding dimensions around the video

Advanced Animation Settings

  • Timed Delay – Choose to Fade in or Face in with Scale
  • Minutes – Set the minutes until the video fades in
  • Seconds – Set the seconds until the video fades in
  • Type – Choose whether to have the video fade in when the page loads or when someone starts to scroll down the page

Step 3: Save Your Work

This is the most important step. After you’ve set up your video you want to make sure and save your work. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone through the process of making changes to one of my funnels only to lose it because I didn’t click the save button.

Take it from me. Save early, save often.

Step 4: Preview Your Video

Once you’ve saved your work you’ll want to make sure everything looks right on the live page. 

Click the preview button in the top right corner in order to make sure the video is showing up correctly on the page. 

Keep in mind that there are times when there can be issues with being logged into your ClickFunnels account and previewing pages. It always helps to open up an incognito window in your browser and paste the link in the address bar to test. This will ensure that there isn’t anything funky going on and give you a clean slate to test things.


As you can see, adding a video to your ClickFunnels page isn’t all that difficult. If you follow these few steps you should be able to add a video to your page in no time.

If you’re building a sales funnel for your business I highly recommend you add video to it. It’s by far the best way to build a relationship with your audience and market your product or service. It’s been shown that people are more responsive to video than any other strategy.

Videos will allow your sales funnels to leverage their ability to build a connection with your prospects and improve your funnels conversions. ClickFunnels makes it super simple to build out sales funnels quickly with all the elements you need.

Now that you have the know how, head on over to your ClickFunnels account and start adding video to your funnels today!

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